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Natalia Scott

Natalia Scott is a New Rising Star in the music industry as a Singer and minister of music. She hails from Springhill Fla. and is going to Captivate her audience with her angelically anointed voice!

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Natalia Scott & Auntie Nesia

As sisters, we put in lots of work together to make our dreams of reaching the world and changing lives through music a reality.

Auntie Nesia (Twanesia Ruffin)

I am an Artist first and my passion is storytelling using positive message music. I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree  @ Full Sail University in Business Entertainment to level up and become a talent scout for the gospel industry.

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Twanesia Ruffin (Auntie Nesia)

After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Audio Productions @ Full Sail University in 2023, I lauched GWP Godly Would Productions LLC. and Declared War against Satans Kingdom. 

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