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The Full Story

GodlyWould Production Products and services and Business Plan

GodlyWould Production LLC Is a Christian founded Audio production studio which prides itself 

in creating "Positive message" motivational and inspiring Audio for music, media,

and filming productions. 

Product and Services

@ GodlyWould Productions we offer top quality studio recording and production services to all of our clients, providing a studio environment that's equipped with state of the arts hardware and the latest software program technology used to create, record, edit, mix and master audio for sounds in all genres 'Positive Message" media, music and film.

AT GodlyWould Our Business Plan is centered around my passion to create, and shows the studio floor plan, the marketing plans, studio gear and equipment. A budget for start up cost. 

A funding plan and our logo with contact info.


Our Vision is to make the world we live in a better place, by appealing to the conscience in man, and compelling one to a moral and righteous lifestyle through the Godly materials recorded and produced at GodlyWould Production. To greatly impact and influence new aspiring artist to create music, media, and films, that will motivate, encourage and inspire their listeners through receiving the Positive messages that flow within and throughout all of our Audio productions.

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